Rainwater Tank Products

Pump Controller

Electronic Pump Controllers allow the pump to start automatically when a tap is opened on the discharge of the pump and stop when the tap is closed. They also provide run-dry protection for the pump.
Pump Controller Table

Pump Inverters

A Pump Inverter will change the speed of the motor dependent on the demand of the pump. This is the most energy efficient way of operating a pump.
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Rainwater Tank Treatment

WaterPure 1 Litre and 5 Litre

A tasteless, odourless, chlorine-free liquid formulation for control of bacteria and pathogens in water storage tanks. Added to your rainwater tank it will improve the quality of the water.

Float Switches

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Hoses and Strainers

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Grundfos Pressure Tanks

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Grundfos Composit Tanks

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Pressure System Accessories

Pressure System Accessories