ClayTech BlueTron Series (1)

Claytech BlueTron Series

The BlueTron series has proven to be the quality rainwater pump on the Australian market, selling for over 20 years. This range of self-priming jet pumps have seamless automatic operation making them ideal for above and below ground tank installations. Whether you’re watering the garden or plumbing to the toilets, washing machine or whole house, the ClayTech BlueTron will not let you down. Loss of prime protection will turn the pump off when the rainwater tank is empty and 24 hour restart will test for rain daily. When there is water back in the rainwater tank, then the pump will reset.

BlueTron 101

BlueTron 111

BlueTron 121





Blue Tron Series Graph

*performance curves at zero section lift

BlueTron Series Table

*pump performance decreases as suction lift increases


BLUETRON 101Exploded View BLUETRON 111Exploded View BLUETRON 121Exploded View MANUALClick Here AQUATRON MANUALClick Here