Algal & Aquatic Weed Control

Kupramine ProductCupricide & Kupramine

Cupricide is an effective solution for the control of planktonic and filamentous algae. Kupramine also controls the fresh water herbs Hydrilla & Elodea. A solution of chelated-copper, Cupricide and Kupramine are absorbed into the algae rapidly and, in this form, provides maximum efficiency as a algicide, with low toxicity to aquatic fauna.

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Water Clear Product


WaterClear is an effective solution for control of Salvinia Molesta, Red Azolla and Lemna (Duckweed) spp, in water bodies. WinterClear is specially formulated using orange oil and organic surfactants to ensure maximum effectiveness and minimal environmental impact.

Control is achieved by altering the surface tension of the water, causing the weed to sink and subsequently drown.


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