Deep Well Injection

These are superior quality deep well injection pumps that are popular on the Australian market. Pumps of this type are used in applications where the underground water is below nine metres deep and a bore hole pump cannot be used.

They can also be used in an offset situation to draw water from the source to the needed supply. Each pump is supplied with two different injectors, sizes P20 and P30 (as shown in the table).

AP 100

AP 100

Deep Well Injection Table

AP 200

AP 200


BHP 750

Bore Hole Pump for
small water transfer and
irrigation applications.

  • 7 stages
  • Sand handling
    of 60 grams/m³
  • 15 metres of
    electrical cable
  • Hanging rope of 15m
  • Built in capacitor
  • Noryl impellers
  • Noryl diffusers
  • Thermoplastic
    discharge head
  • Stainless steel casing
Deep Well Injection Model Table
Deep Well Injection Chart









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