High Head – Waste Water Treatment System

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The ClayTech BlueSub 6 is designed for clean water application. This high flow pump is suitable for pool emptying or the transferring of stored rainwater. With an 1¼“ outlet this sturdy little pump can move a serious amount of water when ever you need.

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The ClayTech BlueSub 15 possesses a unique design, conceived specifically for the Australian waste water treatment system. It was designed for above surface irrigation applications where it operates at its ‘best efficiency point’ during normal operation. Most comparable pumps have a maximum head capacity of 11m. This means that they operate towards the top of their curve under normal operating conditions causing a reduction in the pumps service life. The BlueSub 15, at 10m head is at the centre of its curve, and still produces 80 LPM.

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The ClayTech BlueDiver has been specifically designed for the Australian aerated waste-water treatment system. They have been designed for high head applications and are particularly suited for applications using sub-surface irrigation.

These pumps have been designed to ClayTech specifications with high head and relatively low flow, allowing the pumping system to operate at the ‘best efficiency point’ of the pump.

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